domainracer shared and reseller hosting review

DomainRacer Review: Shared and Reseller Web Hosting 2019

Hey Guys, when I getting started my first website, in my selection of web host lot of ambivalence. I used to be probing for a feature shared hosting service that doesn’t value associate degree arm and a leg. I likable the silly issue too, and also the indisputable fact that they’re an inexperienced hosting company, active in social media. Nowadays It is a really difficult to find best ssd hosting service provides.

That was a waste of decision and time. I actually have simply listed all the reasons you must fundamental terms for your selection on, not with standing they’re running a deal like this! If required terms are like this, time-consuming service, low speed, poor software and hardware support and very low worth. If you’ve got all this at a hosting company, don’t stick to them.

This is my experienced words. After that, one of my friends suggested about DomainRacer. And Since I register on DomainRacer, not a single issue generated related to any services.

Your perfect domain name is waiting…

Looking for a different extensions then you are on right place?

Now you can make your identity in affordable price with domain hosting registar. If you are getting a new hosting plan, you should definitely benefit of the domain name offered by DomainRacer. Then you can get any domain name just in low cost.

domain racer domain registration

Domain racer is an ICANN accredited Domain registrar using which you can buy a domain like .com, .net, TLD extension and many more extensions they are provided.

.Com TLD price seems to be much lower compared to many other registrars. In other words, I can say they are the cheap domain registrars with unlimited reseller hosting plans .

What I Really Like About DomainRacer ?

As of whole Para on Domain Name above, DomainRacer is the best hosting company to retain the hope of affordable plans and features in the market without any lack in the quality of services. And those remarkable features are,

  • Affordable domain and hosting plans.
  • Jumbo Feature-packed cPanel – integrated with CloudFlare and a lot of other tools.
  • Automatic weekly backups for all your website data, and stored files you will get weekly backups.
  • Free, unlimited email accounts Email storage is within your total account storage. There are some limits as to how many emails in an hour you can send, so if your site is demanding in terms of sending emails, use some third party solutions.
  • Highly configured servers.
  • Built-in CDN support with CloudFlare integration. Hassle setup ensures that all your static resources load faster from CloudFlare’s worldwide CDN network
  • Unique IPs, SSL, and Modsecurity protection are some optional features that are provided by DomainRacer

Why They Are the Best SSD Hosting Providers?

DomainRacer Hosting now packs all shared hosting plans with SSDs instead of the HDDs to satisfy webmasters who desire super fast web hosting speed for their websites. The benefits you will get when you used SSD hosting:

  • Web hosting performance up to 300% faster
  • Increased reliability and safety

They provide the feature which is expected to deliver up to 20x times faster speed for database-driven applications.

domain racer ssd hosting

The cost-effective hosting plans, so the quality SSD hosting providers need to offer rich features at the budget-friendly hosting prices.
The SSD hosting plans come with all the standard features, such as unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts, etc. Moreover, they use several technologies that can certainly benefit the website performance like LiteSpeed 20x Faster.

DomainRacer Hosting Service Terms:

Actually, DomainRacer provides two main and important web hosting services are as follows:

Short view on Shared Web Hosting and Its Features

  • Basic Plan (For, Students, newbie bloggers, small firms etc.)
  • Personal Plan (For, Students, Offices, agencies and average sites etc.)
  • Silver Plan (for, Business sites, Big Organizations, Companies etc.)
  • Advanced Plan (For, E-Commerce sites, heavy traffic sites etc.)

All the above plans having plenty of service Features which are as follows:

  1. A number of Hosting website can be changed by changing plan price. (One, Three and Unlimited)
  2. The size of Web space can be varied with different plans. (500 MB and Unlimited)
  3. Handling Emails also varies with plans. (10, Unlimited)
  4. Change Bandwidth according to plan and others terms. (5 GB, Unlimited)
  5. Cpanel account provided with each plan.
  6. One-Click app install features provided very easily.
  7. Total security to data as well as 24/7 data scans for safety.

Small view on Reseller Web Hosting and Its Features

  • Starter Plan (For Basic blogs, personal, or business website)
  • DR-500(For Professional bloggers and active average traffic websites)
  • DR-1000(For heavy traffic or multiple average traffic websites)
  • DR-NOLIMIT(For business, developers and startup with scalable features)

Reseller hosting plans to have different features than the shared web hosting. So which are they? just look at here.

  1. Cpanel with 40, 100, 140, and unlimited.
  2. Disc Space with 50, 500, 1000, and finally Unlimited.
  3. Bandwidth provided 500 GB, 5 TB, 10 TB and lastly Unlimited.
  4. In Reseller hosting, Emails, FTP and MYSQL are provided Unlimited.
  5. Host Unlimited sites & domains are allowed for Reseller hosting.
  6. ModSecurity Protection and Powerful SSD Servers
  7. 20x Faster LiteSpeed Tech
  8. MagicSpam Pro Email Filter and PHP/Perl Support
  9. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  10. Anti Spam & Virus Protection


My website has been hosting for quite 1+ year. It continues to be a reliable supply for individuals on web hosting. I actually have been writing domain racer hosting reviews as per my experience of DomainRacer. I am managing plenty of little business website as a web owner. DomainRacer hosts completely different service; therefore I actually have the prospect to check that works. Most of my business sites host a service from DomainRacer itself. During this domain racer review, I will bear every thoroughly.

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