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HostGator Alternative Competitors [2019 Similar Competitors]

The best alternatives to HostGator is necessary. We have to discuss it in detail.

We are using HostGator for a couple of our blogs for the last three years, and so far everything is good except technical support.

However, there are many users who complain about uptime as well as security issues. But, we have optimized our websites with W3Total cache plugging and implemented custom rules to improve page loading, so the speed is not an issue for us.

If you’re looking for HostGator alternatives that offer awesome support and performance, then keep reading.

Poorly maintained technical support, free backup restoration cost of $25, No Let’s Encrypt, No SSDs are some of the major things where HostGator lacks. Otherwise, user-facing other problems can also choose any of the below-mentioned web hosting services.

The #4 HostGator alternatives are as follows

We have tested each of them regarding uptime, loading speed, technical assistance and crucial features.

Best HostGator Alternative: GreenGeeks 

GreenGeeks is a cheap Hostgator alternative hosting, but that doesn’t mean you get inadequate or incompetent hosting service.

hostgator competitors greengeeks

In fact, they offer more value than the money you pay, For example, you are allowed to host unlimited domains on a single account it unlimited SSD hosting. Also, there is no monthly bandwidth cap.

They also migrate your website at no fees with zero downtime guarantee. Speaking about technical support, GreenGeeks has a team of hosting experts to provide help.

If they failed to satisfy or performs, poorly than what they claim, you can ask for the refunds as GreenGeeks offers to offer 30 days money back guarantee. You can give them a try without losing a single penny. However, their live chat is much faster than HostGator and within the same price tag you can host unlimited website.

Best HostGator Alternative: DomainRacer 

DomainRacer is another best HostGator alternatives regarding affordable pricing but way better when it comes to customer support. They offer unlimited SSD web hosting and bandwidth which is the same as HostGator.

hostgator competitors domainracer

But, DomainRacer uses solid-state drives which ultimately result in fast performing servers.

They provide 21X faster website loading speed with the help of custom built DomainRacer and of course SSD’s.

Basically, it’s a modified W3 total cache plugin but optimized for their servers to deliver exceptional performance. On top of that, their “speed Booster” also a great feature for bloggers and webmasters who love to have fast loading sites.

Developers or tech-savvy can access their hosting server through SSH command lines. They offer Linux and Windows-based plans to provide hosting solutions for all from newbies to developers.

You can install WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Drupal and OpenCart,etc.with the help of a one-click installer. Their enterprise level servers hardware is good enough to deliver a whopping 99.99% uptime.

Whenever you run into any setback, there is a GURU support team available around the clock via live chat, phone, ticket system, and Skype. Or you browse their well-managed knowledge base to get immediate help.

When compared to HostGator; you get will responsive customer support from DomainRacer.

 Best HostGator Alternative: A2 Hosting  

A2 Hosting is a perfect blend of high performance, a speed-focused with excellent support. Most importantly, A2 hosting has a wide range of solutions for a varied category.

hostgator competitors a2hosting

Apart from offering optimized speed, A2 offers brilliant web security features as well. Over the years, this has attained a pretty reliable position by having consistently delivered at its best.

Whether you are a developer or a blogger you find their platform supportive and responsive. Besides the shared hosting, the company also offers affordable and customization VPS packages.

So if you are searching HostGator alternatives with higher uptime, speed and customer support A2 Hosting is a powerful solution.

Best HostGator Alternative: BlueHost 

When it comes to shared hosting, Bluehost is a well-reputed name Hostgator alternative competitors and it is better than HostGator in many ways.

hostgator competitors bluehost

They offer only one shared hosting packages, and they are known for their reliable hosting. Bluehost offers unlimited bandwidth and storage and offers cPanel hosting.

Many of my WordPress client’s sites are hosted there and I have never faced any technical issues. Only in the case of something major would I have reason to use their support, but on the one occasion when I did request support to make some changes in was completed successfully in no time.


Which alternatives to HostGator attracted you? I recommended similar Hostgator competitors DomainRacer and A2 Hosting more than anything’s due to the reason, We are using DomainRacer for our site right now and quite satisfied with them.

The following are the reviews of DomainRacer…

domainracer web hosting reviews

Now it’s your time, make your Hostgator a similar choice and let us know which one is the best HostGator alternatives you would like to use.

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